Future Disney Protection Palace

Deep somewhere in the Caribbean lies a palace. But can you see it? No. Not unless you were invited. After years of being together, the grandchildren of the Disney Official couples come here to celebrate and have fun. They help each other learn and grow together to become one, in both friendship, love, and hope.


(Disclaimer: This is the Side Roleplay Blog of Disney Princess Protection Roleplay)

Yong Jing Hua ||15||Choi Sulli||OPEN

Bio: Jing Hua (leek flower) is the youngest child of Mei Ju and Han Shou. She is very quiet and will only talk to people she’s comfortable with. Once she feels comfortable around you, she is the happiest child you ever met. Jing hua is a ‘daddy’s girl’ . She has a little bit of a stronger relationship with her dad than her mom. Jing Hua loves stuffed animals. She often uses her cuteness to get what she desires. Jing Hua is a warrior like her father. However, her parents still have debates on whether or not she should continue being a warrior.

Secret: Jing Hua has dated many boys without her parents knowing.

Has 2 siblings: Ren Shu and Bing Wen

Rosabella Emily Dalasia||16||Kate Todd||OPEN

Bio: Rosabella goes by Rose, Bell, or even by her middle name. She’s a city girl but loves Andalasia more then anything in the world. She’s not that hard to please or to get along with, but mess with her family and you have another thing coming to you. She loves to sing along with her older sister, but doesn’t really have the same passion that she does. She’s very thoughtful of others, but has moments where her spoiled side comes out. Rosabella is also closer to her mother than her father, finding him a bit intimidating.

Secret: Despite helping her mom out with the bakery, Rosabella really hates sweets.

Has 1 sibling; Delilah.

Zelda Isabella Barrel||7||Kristina Pimenova||OPEN

Bio: Zelda is very much like her mother; Fun, carefree, and loves storytales of adventure. She also has a love for pranks and music like her father and that, tied with her mother’s curiosity, has gotten Zelda into a lot of trouble. However, despite her minor pranking ways, Zelda is very sweet and always thinking of others. Her love for reading made her bright and she wishes to share the knowledge she has learned with those around her, even if the people she talks to probably already knows it.

Secret: She wants to visit Neverland, but knows her family won’t let her because of how young she is.

Has no siblings.

Harley Scarlet Prydain||14||Kylie Jenner||OPEN 

Bio: She’s the outgoing, social twin. She loves her twin, Axel, and seems to be the only one who understands him and his social awkwardness. She’s crazy like her brother, Blake, and shares her mother and father’s hobbies. Harley is also very family oriented, and is a complete daddy’s girl.

Secret: She is very bipolar and denies it to the fullest.

Has 2 siblings; Blake and Axel

Jia Hui Dalasia||16||Ashley Argota||TAKEN

Bio: Jia Hui is very much like her parents, but with a small twist. Like her father, she is very independent and carries a confident air around her. She can sometimes come off as spoiled or princess-like, taking her royal title very seriously. Despite her arrogant nature, she can also be sweet and caring just like her mother. Jia loves to sing and dance as well as spend most of her time in New York with her father.

Secret: Jia feels torn on who she really is. She respects and cherishes her mother’s traditions, but can’t help but feel attracted to the Big City. She wants to be able to be herself without disappointing either of her parents.

Has 1 sibling; Joseph Jun (J.J.)

Aurelia Marina Beast||14||Lights Poxlietner||TAKEN

Bio: Aurelia is the older sister of Royce Beast. Like her mother, she is well into the art of music which she blends into her magical spells. She does get noticed as being the princess and like her brother, she has several expectations from not only her family, but her kingdom. But instead of shirking from those, she accepts them and and tries to complete them to the full extent. However, she cannot take criticism and will often lash out when that happens.

Secret: She is jealous of the fact that her brother has shape shifting skills, and she secretly tries to acquire that power but fails.

Lilly Goof||19||Lulu Antariksa||TAKEN

Lily is a total tomboy. She’s into fixing up bikes and motorcross racing, just like her dad, which is why she had a lot of guy friends instead of girls. She feels like she just fits in better with them and they cause a lot less drama.

Secret: Lily doesn’t see how beautiful she is and is kind of naive when it comes to how guys look at her.

Has 2 siblings; Elena and M.J.

Elena Goof||19||Ariana Grande||TAKEN

Elena, although named after her dad’s mother, is a lot more like her mom. She’s very girly, while still having that signature goofiness of her family. She absolutely adores her grandfather and thinks he’s hilarious. She’s very flirty and is a bit boy crazy (which her two parents doesn’t get at all).

Secret: She scared to death of her father’s motocross bikes due to a bad accident that happened to her as a child. She also worries about him and her siblings when they go out riding.

Has 2 siblings; Lilly and M.J.

Summer Solstice Sandra Dalasia||20||Jennette McCurdy||OPEN

Bio- Summer Solstice loves her name, but rather go by Cece, a nickname given to her by her older brother when she was born. Cece is not like her mother in a lot of ways; she sweet, kind and not a bitch to everyone she meets. She also isn’t a material girl. All she needs is her family and a guitar to be happy. She often gets mistaken for looking much younger then she actually is, but doesn’t let it bother her. She is insanely smart for her age and is also her uncle’s student teacher; She often helps him teach his college classes back in the city. In all, she’s a down-to-earth girl who really just enjoys the simple things in life

Secret: She disapproves of her bother’s life choices, but supports him nonetheless; she is sometime curious on how it would feel to be a stripper.

Laray Marie Skellington-Oogie||15||Stefanie Scott||RESERVED

Bio: Laray is sweet loving and kind, but quick with a come back when needed. Just like her mother, her hair changes color with her mood and just like her father, she has a love for mischief. She loves her family a lot, but wishes her parents wouldn’t keep separating, even if they are for short periods of time. She knows deep down inside they love her, her brothers, and each other.

Secret: She keeps trying to get her father to propose to her mother so they can be a true family.

Has 2 siblings; Reagan and Blaine.