Future Disney Protection Palace

Deep somewhere in the Caribbean lies a palace. But can you see it? No. Not unless you were invited. After years of being together, the grandchildren of the Disney Official couples come here to celebrate and have fun. They help each other learn and grow together to become one, in both friendship, love, and hope.


(Disclaimer: This is the Side Roleplay Blog of Disney Princess Protection Roleplay)

Zelda Isabella Barrel||7||Kristina Pimenova||OPEN

Bio: Zelda is very much like her mother; Fun, carefree, and loves storytales of adventure. She also has a love for pranks and music like her father and that, tied with her mother’s curiosity, has gotten Zelda into a lot of trouble. However, despite her minor pranking ways, Zelda is very sweet and always thinking of others. Her love for reading made her bright and she wishes to share the knowledge she has learned with those around her, even if the people she talks to probably already knows it.

Secret: She wants to visit Neverland, but knows her family won’t let her because of how young she is.

Has no siblings.