Future Disney Protection Palace

Deep somewhere in the Caribbean lies a palace. But can you see it? No. Not unless you were invited. After years of being together, the grandchildren of the Disney Official couples come here to celebrate and have fun. They help each other learn and grow together to become one, in both friendship, love, and hope.


(Disclaimer: This is the Side Roleplay Blog of Disney Princess Protection Roleplay)

Yong Ren Shu ||17||Henry Lau ||OPEN

Bio: Ren Shu (benevolent forbearance) is the middle child of Mei Ju and Han Shou. He is very hyper like his mother. However, Ren Shu is a lot like his father. He’s a sweetheart towards others and is very gentle. he is very caring and protective of his siblings and cousins. Whenever Ren Shu is upset or frustrated, he always runs to his father for help. Ren Shu is also training to become a great warrior like his father. He started learning self defense when he was five. In taekwondo he has a blue belt. However, he has a ninth-degree black belt in kung fu.

Secret: Up To Roleplayer.

Has 2 siblings; Bing Wen and Jing Hua.

Yong Bing Wen ||16||Lee Hyun Woo||OPEN

Bio: Bing Wen is the middle child of Mei and Han Shou. His name means bright and cultivated. Bing Wen is very social like his mother. He loves to hangout with his friends and spend time with his siblings. When it comes to training, Bing Wen is very serious. He is very skilled in kung fu, and wishes to learn taekwondo from his aunt. His dream is to become one of the best warriors in China. However, he first wishes to at least be better than his brother.

Secret: Up To Roleplayer

Has 2 siblings; Ren Shu and Jing Hua.

Yong Jing Hua ||15||Choi Sulli||OPEN

Bio: Jing Hua (leek flower) is the youngest child of Mei Ju and Han Shou. She is very quiet and will only talk to people she’s comfortable with. Once she feels comfortable around you, she is the happiest child you ever met. Jing hua is a ‘daddy’s girl’ . She has a little bit of a stronger relationship with her dad than her mom. Jing Hua loves stuffed animals. She often uses her cuteness to get what she desires. Jing Hua is a warrior like her father. However, her parents still have debates on whether or not she should continue being a warrior.

Secret: Jing Hua has dated many boys without her parents knowing.

Has 2 siblings: Ren Shu and Bing Wen

Rosabella Emily Dalasia||16||Kate Todd||OPEN

Bio: Rosabella goes by Rose, Bell, or even by her middle name. She’s a city girl but loves Andalasia more then anything in the world. She’s not that hard to please or to get along with, but mess with her family and you have another thing coming to you. She loves to sing along with her older sister, but doesn’t really have the same passion that she does. She’s very thoughtful of others, but has moments where her spoiled side comes out. Rosabella is also closer to her mother than her father, finding him a bit intimidating.

Secret: Despite helping her mom out with the bakery, Rosabella really hates sweets.

Has 1 sibling; Delilah.

Zelda Isabella Barrel||7||Kristina Pimenova||OPEN

Bio: Zelda is very much like her mother; Fun, carefree, and loves storytales of adventure. She also has a love for pranks and music like her father and that, tied with her mother’s curiosity, has gotten Zelda into a lot of trouble. However, despite her minor pranking ways, Zelda is very sweet and always thinking of others. Her love for reading made her bright and she wishes to share the knowledge she has learned with those around her, even if the people she talks to probably already knows it.

Secret: She wants to visit Neverland, but knows her family won’t let her because of how young she is.

Has no siblings.

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Blake Sean Prydain’s Bio has been UPDATED

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Blake Sean Prydain||16||David Henrie||TAKEN

Bio: Ever since he was little, Blake has a knack for sword fighting and collecting like his father, and potion making like his mother. He likes to talk about his talents and enjoys being outdoors.

Secret: He is very strong willed. But most people see it as him being stubborn.

Has 2 siblings; Axel and Harley.

Axel Xavier Prydain||14||Drew Roy||OPEN

Bio: Axel is quiet and reserved when you first meet him, but he opens up a little bit more when he feels comfortable around you. He has a mysterious side to him that no one, not even his parents understand. He wishes sometimes that he wasn’t so quiet, and is trying to work on his social anxiety.

Secret: He has many hidden talents (hidden talents of the RPer’s choice)

Has 2 siblings; Blake and Harley